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Stimulate metabolism

You want to know what stimulates and boosts the metabolism? Do you need tips, hints and helpful instructions? Then you will find 100 % of what you are looking for on our portal. We will explain to you exactly what can stimulate metabolism and what should be considered. Foods that …

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Diet without sugar

no sugar diet

A diet without sugar? Sounds easy but is a sugar-free diet feasible at all? We are so used to the sweet taste that we hardly know how a sugar-free diet would taste. All products we buy in processed form contain sugar. Often it is called “dextrose” or “glucose” to hide …

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5:2 Diet

5:2 diet

Do you already know the 5:2 diet or also called 5 to 2 diet? Why eat 5 days nand 2 days of diet will initiate a process of slimming, you will learn in the following article. The subject of “slimming” is not as old as mankind. In the past, people …

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Porridge Diet

porridge diet

What is a porridge diet? Porridge is nothing other than the Scottish or English version of the German cooked oatmeal. Originally, the form of food was a cheap worker’s meal. Actually an old hat, but since mankind seems to be getting heavier and heavier, one wonders why this was not …

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Tea Diet

Slimming down by drinking tea? You are probably now frowning rather critically, as you have been tea lovers for years and still find some problem areas in your tea garden. Assuming that tea is by no means a magic drink, you are also right, because with a few cups a …

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Egg diet

egg diet

You haven’t heard so much about it, but the egg diet isn’t new. It was founded back in the 1970s by the former British Prime Minister. Their goal was to achieve the desired weight before their election victory. The Iron Lady, as Margret Thatcher was called as Prime Minister, reportedly …

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Pritkin Diet

What is a Pritkin diet? The Pritkin diet was developed back in the 1950s by the American doctor Nathan Pritkin to prevent cholersterin deposits in the arteries. Pritkin relied on a one-sided diet rich in carbohydrates. 80% of the food ingested consists of rice, pasta, potatoes, wholemeal bread and pulses. …

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Warrior Diet

Similar to the well-known low carb diet, the origins of the Warrior diet date back to the Stone Age. Users do not need complicated nutritional plans, but rather stick to a simple pattern. In the first half of the day, therefore, no food is consumed. People who are willing to …

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Salad Diet

salad diet

Salad is healthy – and low in calories! Perfect for losing weight. Unfortunately, however, there are some things you can do wrong with salads. What you should pay attention to in a salad diet? This is what we tell you in this article! What is the salad diet? Salad – …

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Rice Diet

rice diet

You want to go for a rice diet? Are you looking for tips and hints that have been tried and tested? We can give you exactly these here and deliver them! In a diet, carbohydrates are of course largely removed from the diet – and bread, pasta and rice are …

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