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Metabolic Balance Diet

metabolic balance diet

The name Metabolic Balance Diet is becoming more and more common. Strictly speaking, this is not a diet, but rather a concept. But what exactly does this concept include? How does Metabolic Balance work? And what about successes? We have taken a closer look at all this! What is the …

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Ornish Diet

Ornish diet

A healthy and slender body is what many people want, and usually health always seems to be associated with slimming. After all, overweight people are not only dissatisfied with their appearance alone, but also have to contend with different health problems. The heart has to struggle with the heavy load. …

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Fat Burners Diet

fat burners diet

With the help of the fat burners diet, it should all at once be child’s play to lose the excess pounds – at least in theory. No wonder that they have become the big hit in the field of diets and slimming products! But how do they actually work? And …

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Chocolate Diet

chocolate diet

Eat chocolate, eat it all day long – and lose weight at the same time? That almost sounds too good to be true. But does the chocolate diet keep its promise? We have looked at this concept very carefully. How Does The Chocolate Diet Work? Slimming down with chocolate – …

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Slow Carb Diet

slow carb diet

Anyone who has ever been involved in dieting has no doubt already heard of the low carb diet, as this method of slimming is now known worldwide. Unlike the Slow Carb Diet, however, the carbohydrates are greatly reduced in this dietary plan and are no longer incorporated into it. Now, …

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Low Carb Diet

Low Carb diet

The low carb diet is becoming increasingly popular. No wonder, as it is a guarantor for a quick take-off. Another reason for her popularity is that she is allowed to eat a large number of foods that are not on the menu in any other diet. But what are the …

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Protein Diet

protein diet

With the protein diet, it is important to continue to supply the body with nutrients and energy in an adequate way. Because fat and carbohydrates are often dispensed with. In this context, proteins are particularly important. If these are missing, deficiency symptoms occur and muscle mass is reduced. But which …

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Raw Foods Diet

raw foods diet

As the name suggests, the raw foods diet is based on uncooked fruits and vegetables. The diet is used to dehydrate the body and provide it with sufficient fibre and vitamins. It is important to drink a lot during the diet. Mineral water is best suited for this purpose. About …

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HCG Diet

HCG diet

Hollywood’s celebrities seem to love this diet: A top figure thanks to the injection of hormones (now also available as HCG drops and HCG globules). But how good and recommendable is the HCG diet? How does it work? And what foodstuffs are allowed? We have analysed this slimming cure very …

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Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet has long been known in sports circles. And in other circles, too, it is becoming increasingly popular. But what is behind this diet? How well does it work? And what are their advantages and disadvantages? We have checked this diet carefully! What is ketogenic diet? Low carb …

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