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Leptin Diet

leptin diet

Leptin was once considered a miracle weapon in the fight against obesity. Until researchers discovered that some are resistant to this hormone! Is a leptin diet worthwhile? And what else should you know in this regard? In this article we will tell you! What is the leptin diet? The hormone …

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South Beach Diet

South Beach diet

And yet again a trend diet comes from the USA – the South Beach Diet. But what does this sunny slimming cure promise? And what are its advantages and disadvantages? We want to tell you all this in the following! The South Beach Diet, also known as the Southern Beaches …

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Candida Diet

candida diet

With the Candida Diet you can get a good grip on any fungal infection. But why is that? And is this cure also worthwhile to lose weight? We would like to answer these questions in the following article! What is the Candida Diet? A candida diet is prescribed primarily when …

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Atkins Diet

Atkins diet

You finally want to lose weight successfully? And all this without worrying about how many calories you are taking right now? And without constantly feeling unpleasant hunger? The Atkins diet promises exactly that. But does it also keep these promises? We have taken a closer look at this nutritional concept! …

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Bulletproof Diet

bulletproof diet

Bulletproof-Coffee “means bulletproof coffee and is the new dietary trend from the cup. Here we explain exactly what is behind this novelty and how you can lose up to two and a half kilograms in just five days with this diet from the coffee cup. So let us introduce you …

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