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bulletproof diet
bulletproof diet

Bulletproof Diet

Bulletproof-Coffee “means bulletproof coffee and is the new dietary trend from the cup. Here we explain exactly what is behind this novelty and how you can lose up to two and a half kilograms in just five days with this diet from the coffee cup. So let us introduce you to the Bulletproof diet:

Bulletproof Diet – A simple principle

As you can already guess, this is a diet that includes the morning stimulant, coffee. The only difference is that the caffeine kick in the morning creates a long-lasting feeling of satiety.

At the same time, the enjoyment of this special coffee supplies the brain and the human body with energy and also boosts fat burning. So what could be more obvious than to benefit from these extremely positive effects for the rest of the day?

David Asprey is the inventor of this Bull Proof Coffee Diet. In the meantime, he has transferred this idea to other recipes, so that the “Bulletproof diet” has now been created. The novelty boosts the metabolism, supplies the body with enough important nutrients and prevents the hunger in harmony.

For example, 50 to 70% of the daily calorie requirement comes from healthy fats. These make you satisfied for a long time, improve your brain’s performance, increase fat metabolism and ultimately let the pounds fall. Less than five percent of the daily requirement consists of carbohydrates and starch. Especially as these meals are mainly used in the evenings.

Enjoying a healthy diet with the Bulletproof Diet

A significant role in this diet plays the healthy enjoyment. Organic raw food, as well as meat from pasture feeding, contains far less toxins than supermarket food, which is why they may be used during this diet. Also chemical sweeteners, white sugar, gluten, such as artificial flavour enhancers have no place in the “bulletproof diet”. Nevertheless, there is a lot of variety and taste.

bulletproof diet offers a lot of variety in your daily meal
bulletproof diet offers a lot of variety in your daily meal

The base consists of the bulletproof coffee

The basis of this diet is always the “bulletproof coffee”. This is a mixture of two tablespoons of fresh, ground coffee beans that are brewed in the coffee cup. Afterwards, a teaspoonful of coconut oil and two tablespoons of unsalted willow butter is stirred in and mixed in a mixer until creamy.

Coconut oil is a natural antibiotic and therefore provides healthy fat, which can be quickly converted into energy by the human body without damaging the liver. The used willow butter, on the other hand, supplies the body with valuable omega-3 fatty acids and is still free of toxins.
The “Bulletproof diet” pursues these goals:

In the “Bulletproof diet” sugar calories are replaced by healthy fats. Do not eat cereals or pulses. Dyes, but also artificial flavour enhancers are also avoided. On the other hand, a lot of seafood, but also meat from grazing animals may be integrated into the menu. All dishes also require little heating during preparation. However, many spices may always be used.

The “Bulletproof diet” also completely dispenses with processed dairy products. This means that pasteurised or homogenised milk must also be avoided. Organic fruit, such as organic vegetables, is allowed, however, consumption should be limited to one or two servings per day.

The developer of this special diet always emphasizes that not all of these steps must be taken immediately. Users can only choose the simplest ones here, because the complete implementation of this diet plan is by no means easy.

Bulletproof Diet
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