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candida diet
candida diet

Candida Diet

With the Candida Diet you can get a good grip on any fungal infection. But why is that? And is this cure also worthwhile to lose weight? We would like to answer these questions in the following article!

What is the Candida Diet?

A candida diet is prescribed primarily when a fungal infection is present. The Candida yeast fungus is relatively harmless. But there is always the possibility that it multiplies pathologically. And continues to spread further and further….

  • He can then dock on the intestinal wall.
  • And with its harmful metabolic products, do great harm to the body!

Therefore, it is essential to remove the food from this yeast fungus. And forego certain foods. Because the yeast fungus is particularly fond of certain products.

What to eat at Candida Diet?

Let’s start with the food you should DYE on:

  • Sugar of all kinds. Because yeast fungi are real sugar junkies. And if more of this “substance” is supplied to them, they become even bigger and multiply. But which sugar is exactly not allowed: a whole lot – in addition to honey and syrup, lactose and fructose as well as agave syrup. Stevia, on the other hand, is not on the index list. So you can use this product with a clear conscience.
  • Sweet fruits and vegetables. You should also avoid these two groups. Unfortunately, the Candida yeast fungus is based on fructose – as contained in pumpkin, dried fruit, grapes, pears, sweet potatoes, bananas and canned fruit.
  • Alcohol: As with most other diets, you should drink wine, beer, must, liqueur, liquor, liquor and so on during this time. without. Alcohol is also converted into sugar by the body – to the delight of the yeast fungus!
  • Processed grain. Refined carbohydrates such as processed grain should also be avoided during the Candida diet. This applies to white rice, white flour, biscuits, cakes and other temptations. Gluten-free wholemeal products such as amaranth, quinoa, wholemeal rice, buckwheat, etc. are not taboo.

Unfortunately, that was not all: dairy products such as cheese, cream, whey and buttermilk should not be put on the table during the Candida diet. They are often difficult to digest. And they often lead to allergic reactions and the overproduction of mucus. Goat’s milk and sheep’s milk products are better.

Yeast is also not suitable. This ingredient is found in various products such as mushrooms, canned and dried fruit, soy sauce and white wine vinegar. Flatbread, pizza, gray bread, baguette as well as yeast pastry, strudel, donuts and bread/bread rolls should also be listed on the index. Because these also promote yeast growth!

Why do these foods intensify the fungal infection?

Many yeasts are used by the food industry in the production of beer, wine and cheese. There is a good reason why sugar is turned into alcohol and carbon dioxide during this process.

However, the Candida fungus causes exactly this process in our intestinal system. However, this is not controlled – on the contrary. In lighter flours, on the other hand, the carbohydrates are broken down into sugar. However, the effect on blood sugar levels is similar to that of alcohol and sugar.


If you eat the wrong food, you will create excellent conditions for the propagation of the Candida mushroom.
This also strains the liver, the intestines and weakens the immune system.

This applies to all the above-mentioned foods.

Candida Diet: What is allowed?

Don’t worry: You don’t have to starve during the Candida Diet! Fortunately, there are a number of so-called superfoods that will support you in the fight against this fungus perfectly.

This applies, for example, to many types of vegetables, but also to wholemeal products.

Meat and fish can also generally continue to be eaten. Coconut oil, garlic and pomegranate have also proved to be very effective helpers against this fungal infection. The same goes for oregano oil and algae – no wonder all these products are prescribed by doctors!

candida diet - coconut works pretty well
candida diet – coconut works pretty well

Candida Diet – what is our conclusion?

A fungal infection is not to be taken lightly. Therefore, you should definitely refrain from certain foods – however hard this may be. This is the only way to stop the yeast fungus from growing. And so the anti-fungal remedies can also do their effect.

It can also be good that you lose weight – thanks to a healthy diet. However, the Candida Diet is not a fasting cure in the classical sense. Rather, it serves to prevent the pathological spread of this fungus.

Candida Diet
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