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chocolate diet
chocolate diet

Chocolate Diet

Eat chocolate, eat it all day long – and lose weight at the same time? That almost sounds too good to be true. But does the chocolate diet keep its promise?

We have looked at this concept very carefully.

How Does The Chocolate Diet Work?

Slimming down with chocolate – is that possible at all?”, may some people wonder at this point. None is the answer. Of course, it is not possible to stuff several bars of chocolate into each other and hope that this will lead to a weight loss.

So it’s all about the difference between an uncontrolled chocolate enjoyment and a conscious eating of this sweet temptation. The latter is what the chocolate diet deals with.

But what exactly does it look like? We want to explain this in the following section:

Chocolate diet – what to eat?

Before each meal you may (or should) eat one or two pieces of chocolate. This is the case both before breakfast and before lunch, supper and snack.

Here’s the exact schedule of the chocolate diet:

  • Breakfast: two to three pieces of chocolate, plus black coffee
  • In between: Snack of fresh fruit, 1 slice of wholemeal bread, fresh spread with herbs and low-fat curd cheese (not obligatory)
  • Lunch: one or two chocolate pieces, followed by a meal of your choice (with fresh ingredients)
  • Dinner: one, two chocolate, salad or raw vegetables (for example)

The main meals and snacks are – except for breakfast – only suggestions that are not obligatory! Only the chocolate ration is always on the program. As you can see, it is by no means a monotonous thing in this respect. Instead, it is a concept that deliberately incorporates chocolate.

Chocolate diet – what is allowed?

But what exactly is allowed with this diet? In this respect, there are no precise specifications, but only recommendations. It is therefore advisable to consume plenty of fruit and vegetable juices. In this way you get important vitamins and nutrients.

Water and unsweetened tea are also ideal in this respect – at least 1.5 litres of it should be enough. On the other hand, you should not touch sugar-containing foods such as limo, cola and alcohol.

A healthy and balanced diet is also important. The following products are well suited for example:

  • veg
  • fruit
  • wholemeal products
  • lean meat
  • lean fish
  • Low fat dairy products
  • healthy fats (e. g. from olive or linseed oil)

The following foodstuffs, on the other hand, should be banned from the table:

  • Simple fatty acids (e. g. from sunflower oil)
  • fat meat
  • fatty fish
  • Cream, butter and co.
  • sweets
  • white flour products

You should also be careful with potatoes! The same goes for pasta. Unfortunately, these foods are fast on the hips. They saturate very quickly indeed. But you are hungry again shortly afterwards! And feel the appetite for another meal. No wonder, then, if the success of the customer fails to materialize…

Chocolate Diet Rules: Which kind is suitable?

Unfortunately, not every type of chocolate is suitable for slimming. And so only chocolate that does not contain nuts, grapes, flakes or other additives may be added to the menu.

  • Dark chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 70% is best suited.
  • The higher this percentage, the lower the sugar content.
  • The same applies to the fat content.

The effect: Since dark chocolate is much less sweet than the normal varieties, the desired feeling of satiety occurs more quickly. We also advise you to eat this delicacy at least 30 minutes before the meal. In this way, it really does look like an appetite suppressant – and soothes your hunger!

What are the chocolate diet experiences?

If you look around a little bit online, you will quickly read about various variants in this respect.

But one thing is clear: those who only feed on chocolate will hardly lose their unloved pounds. This is also evident from the chocolate diet experiences!

Here is an example of a user who lived on chocolate for a few days:

“When I read about this diet, I thought,” Class! Then I can only eat my favorite food all day long.” But at the end of the first day I was already hungry for something salty. I tried it a few days later. But at that time I was in a very bad mood, my skin wasn’t happy either. Then when I got an eczema in my mouth, it was enough for me. And I broke the chocolate diet. I didn’t lose weight by the way.”

Another user can report a certain success of customers. However, this is not directly caused by the chocolate diet:

“I just love chocolate! And that’s why I thought I’d just kill two birds with one stone. And try this diet. Eat only chocolate and lose a few kilos – that sounds really good!

Well, in practice, it wasn’t that great. Well, at the beginning it was quite exciting. But after two days I really wanted to eat something hearty! Although I used to like Nutella out of the glass. I didn’t have a great appetite for chocolate either – quite the opposite. That’s why I automatically ate less. And so down – a total of 2 kg. But after five days it was enough for me and I broke off the diet.”

What are the disadvantages of a pure chocolate diet?

You see: It is not advisable to feed exclusively on chocolate for a longer period of time! As tasty as it may taste. Here are some side effects that can occur with a pure chocolate diet:

deficiency symptoms (black skin, hair loss)
higher susceptibility to infections
Jojo effect after returning to the old dietary habits

Chocolate Diet – how does it work?

The “right” chocolate diet naturally also relies on this sweet temptation. But as a supplement – and not as the only component!

This is where the presenter Ruth Moschner comes into play. Because this one has become known for its diet concept “the Schoko Di? t”. This includes some clear rules to make sure that losing weight with chocolate really works. And without the above mentioned side effects and disadvantages!

chocolate diet - clear rules for best results
chocolate diet – clear rules for best results

Let’s take a closer look at these rules in the following:

maximum 6 pieces of chocolate a day
of which 2 pieces before the meal (at least 30 min before)
Delicious food that melts chocolate pieces on the tongue with pleasure
20 minutes of exercise per day to reduce the calories in the chocolate
only 3 meals a day – this way there is plenty of time for fat burning
It is best to prepare the meals yourself.
Carbohydrates are not allowed in the evening.

However, Ruth Moschner points out that one should not be too strict with oneself. With good reason, stress proves to be a true fattening factor! So you can also sin – as long as you make up for it the next day.
What are the advantages of Ruth Moschner’s chocolate diet?

Ruth Moschner has recognized one thing quite rightly:”Chocolate always gets people! And not only the sweet-tooths, but also all those who don’t want to be too mortified when it comes to losing weight.

Well, the name Chocolate Diet is a little misleading. Because to conclude from only 6 pieces of chocolate per day on a whole diet is already a little “courageous”. Enviable or rather enviable – attention is therefore guaranteed.

But let’s take a look at the advantages of this diet:

It is easy to carry out.
Bitter chocolate is generally known to be quite healthy.
In addition, conscious eating is on the agenda, which is also essential for a long-term dietary success.

Moreover, there are not too many bans. This is positive because it has been shown that the higher the severity of the diet, the higher the drop-out rate is (respectively the less you are allowed to eat). It is also sensible to eat a small amount of carbohydrates in the evening to stimulate digestion.

And sport is also very important in this concept. This is crucial because sufficient physical activity, in addition to a healthy diet, is of crucial importance when it comes to losing weight.
What is our chocolate diet bottom line?

If you only feed on chocolate, you don’t have to be surprised if the scales simply don’t want to display less kilos. On the contrary: such a one-sided food intake is even dangerous! And can lead to side effects such as fatigue, hair loss, a weaker immune system and eczema.

All these are good reasons not to rely on this candy alone to finally achieve the dream weight. It is better to use chocolate as a supplement and consume two pieces of chocolate before each meal. The chocolate diet according to Ruth Moschner offers some good approaches in this respect.

However, there is a shortcoming with this concept: it does not devote enough attention to a healthy diet. And this results in a lesser learning effect – so there is a great danger of getting acquainted with the unloved yo-yo effect after the end of this diet.

If you want to eat a healthy and healthy diet, you should choose a different diet. Combine a balanced and nutritious diet with the above-mentioned chocolate ration. It won’t hurt to try!

Chocolate Diet
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