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fat burners diet
fat burners diet

Fat Burners Diet

With the help of the fat burners diet, it should all at once be child’s play to lose the excess pounds – at least in theory. No wonder that they have become the big hit in the field of diets and slimming products! But how do they actually work? And do they really work? We took a closer look at the Fatburner Diet!

What is the fat burners diet?

With this diet, certain vital substances are supposed to melt the fat in our cells by themselves. Certain foods are particularly suitable for this purpose – at least according to the fat burner diet.

This is especially true of exotic fruits. The vitamins, minerals, fruit enzymes and hormones contained in it are supposed to heat up the metabolism, so that (not only) fat is burned over night.

How Does The Fat Burners Diet Work?

As already mentioned, the bio-materials contained in the selected foods are supposed to stimulate the metabolism and thus burn the fat. For example, protein and the two vitamins B6 and C are said to stimulate the growth hormone.

  • This in turn causes cells and muscles to regenerate.
  • However, fat is required as a fuel for this purpose, which in turn is channeled out of the cells.
  • A similar effect in terms of fat burning is said to be caused by the trace elements and minerals magnesium, iodine and chromium as well as the protein building blocks L-carnitine, methionine, taurine and choline.

What to eat with the fat burners diet?

Weight loss is to occur with the help of low-fat mixed foods and foods with high fat-burning qualities. Up to 2 kg less per month should be possible in this way.

However, there are different fat burner concepts. Some of them rely on papaya or pineapple to melt the pounds. Others promote dietary supplements such as L-carnitine or apple vinegar capsules. And not infrequently, there is a sports and relaxation programme that complements the Fatburner cure.

fat burners diet - additional sport and relaxation program
fat burners diet – additional sport and relaxation program

What can I eat during the fat burner diet?

As I said before, it depends on the respective concept. However, pineapple, pu-irrrh tea or L-carnitine are often on the menu.

  • However, the basis is always a dietary fibre-rich and low-fat mixed diet.
  • You can therefore eat your fill of wholemeal products, vegetables, fruits, pulses and potatoes.
  • Cheese, which has a maximum fat content of 45% in dry matter, is also included. is permitted.
  • You can also take two to three servings of eggs, fish and meat per week.

In addition, as already mentioned, there are the so-called fat burners. While some concepts are based on pineapple, kiwi or papaya, others recommend lamb’s lettuce, spinach, paprika, broccoli or citrus fruits or berries.

What Are The Benefits Of Fat Burners Diet?

Using a calorie-reduced mixed diet does not make it difficult to lose weight. It is also good that there are plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables on the menu.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Fat Burners Diet?

Unfortunately, the few advantages are counterbalanced by numerous disadvantages: On the one hand, this fat burner diet lacks any scientific basis. The weight loss is not so much due to fat burning substances as to the low-fat mixed foods. For many supposed secret tricks and tips, reference is made to individual biochemical processes in the metabolism, and attempts are being made to translate these into food advice for everyday life. But unfortunately our body doesn’t work like this…

  • In addition, the alleged slimming enzymes contained in the fruits do not have any effect on fatty tissue.
  • Like all proteins, the fat burner substances are broken down by digestive enzymes and acid in the stomach.

And what about the fat burner diet diet supplements?

Nutritional supplements are also repeatedly advertised in this context. However, these are not very useful – as doctors emphasize. Especially since Pu-Errh tea in particular often contains residues of pesticides. Petkines in cider vinegar are also unable to demonstrably lower blood lipid levels – to name just two examples.

Synthetic fat burner pills are also available. However, these cannot work miracles. And even with regard to substances that are related to the energy metabolism (such as carnitine), it is questionable whether weight loss actually occurs as a result of taking them.

The doctors even strongly advise against certain hormones. This applies, for example, to ACTH (adrenocortitopes hormone, which acts on the adrenal cortex), TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone, which affects the thyroid gland), and glucavon (opponent of insulin).

What is our fat burners diet conclusion?

Getting slim in your sleep – that remains a dream for the time being. Because there is no scientific evidence that this concept works. When a weight loss occurs, this can be attributed primarily to the low-fat mixed food mix – and less to the fat burner foods advertised.

Fat Burners Diet
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