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HCG diet
HCG diet

HCG Diet

Hollywood’s celebrities seem to love this diet: A top figure thanks to the injection of hormones (now also available as HCG drops and HCG globules). But how good and recommendable is the HCG diet? How does it work? And what foodstuffs are allowed? We have analysed this slimming cure very carefully!

What is HCG Diet?

In Hollywood, everyone has to look good to get a role. In the clear, this means: Please don’t put too much weight on your hips! And so many have rediscovered the HCG diet for themselves. This method injects the hormone human chorionic gonadotopin (HCG), which is produced during pregnancy by the placenta.

Not only mothers, who want to be in front of the camera only a few weeks after giving birth again with top model measurements, are apparently completely convinced of the diet. More and more men are opting for the HCG method, which promises quick and easy weight loss without any jojo effect.

Who is behind the HCG diet?

This diet is much older than one might suspect: as early as 1954 it was developed by the English doctor Dr. Albert Simeons. It has therefore been around for more than 60 years – and is regularly in fashion.

How does the HCG diet work?

This diet works mainly because the calorie intake is reduced very much. A maximum of 500 kcal per day can be consumed!

By way of comparison, a woman needs an average of about 1,900 kcal. On average, a man’s needs are around 2,400 kcal – a considerable difference. (In terms of person to person there are differences, depending on weight, physical activity and size.

In addition, a dose of HCG hormone is injected daily.
This is intended to reduce special fat deposits.

This hormone ensures that the body goes to its fat reserves during pregnancy when malnutrition occurs. In this way, according to the ulterior motive, a sufficient supply of mother and child should be guaranteed.

This hormone is now injected under the skin. But that’s not all: In addition to the low-fat diet, the strong calorie reduction and the injections, there is also plenty of drinking and a lot of sport on the program. And these points do not distinguish the HCG diet from many other methods.

Why HCG Diet?

Hospitals and doctors’ practices that offer this method indicate further positive effects for which the hormone HCG is responsible:

  • mood-lifting effect
  • Improvement of the skin appearance
  • better elasticity of the skin
  • Tightening of affected areas
  • effective help against cellulite

All this makes the HCG diet appear naturally in a still better light. And makes this diet a little tastier.

How is the HCG diet?

As already mentioned, only very few calories can be consumed in the HCG diet. The success for this torture: after eight weeks at the latest, the scales should show between seven and 15 kg less.

  • In addition, there are hormone injections that are injected at regular intervals.
  • The effect: It prevents the blood sugar level from falling rapidly.
  • Otherwise, this would be the case with such a low calorie intake.

The hormone thus helps to suppress hunger – as would otherwise be the case with such a reduced food intake. The promise is therefore: In spite of the few meals, there is no fatigue, no depression, no depressive moods and no cravings.

HCG Diet – what do I need?

Above all, a lot of discipline – and also a little change. Because unfortunately this diet is not free of charge. The costs can vary in terms of cost. Although there are more and more cheap offers on the Internet, we strongly advise you not to do so.

And we would like to point out something else: A diet plan, which is generally valid, is not planned with this diet. Rather, it varies from provider to provider.

Thus an exact diet plan is immediately provided by the one of them.
Others recommend only recipes.
Or allow to eat everything – as long as said 500 kcal a day are not exceeded.

How Long HCG Diet?

If you really want to lose 15 kg, you should stay with us for a few weeks – at least six to be sure. This is of course a certain period of time. And a time when a lot of things are required of you – you should be aware of that!

What to eat at HCG Diet?

But what are you allowed to take with the HCG diet now concretely to you? On the first two days you can feast to your heart’s content. Even high-calorie foods, fats – everything your heart desires!

The ulterior motive: You should feel really well filled.
And by themselves wanting to eat healthy food without high calories.

This might help you to get started a little better. Afterwards applies: For approx. 3 weeks is ending with funny:

  • Now the maximum daily schedule is 500 kcal.
  • What you eat is not fixed.
  • And vary from provider to provider.

Theoretically, you are allowed to take everything – as long as this magical boundary is not crossed. That means: It may well be a BigMac – but not much more than that. Therefore, it is better to avoid sugar and fat.

In addition, you will receive hormone injections.
Alternatively, you can also choose drops, sprays or tablets.

What can I eat on the HCG diet?

As already mentioned above, it is recommended to abstain from sugar, fat food and sweets. Therefore, it is better to stick to the following foods:

  • lean meat and fish (maximum 100 g per meal)
  • veg
  • selected fruits (e. g. berries or pineapple)

It is important that these foods are not prepared with oils or butter – this saves a lot of calories. At the same time, you should be able to absorb all the nutrients your body needs in this way.

Only after these three weeks can you return to a more plentiful diet. However, this should be done gradually. Otherwise, the dreaded yo-yo-effect can quickly occur.

hcg diet - the unwanted yo-yo-effect
hcg diet – the unwanted yo-yo-effect

This usually goes hand in hand with nutritional advice and a hormone test.
This is performed by the attending physician.
And should help you to be able to maintain the weight you have achieved in the long term.

What does the HCG diet plan look like?

To give you a better idea of the whole thing, we have listed the official diet plan here. It contains all meals, foods and their quantities that may be consumed during the diet.

But here’s another hint: This diet is not comparable with other methods! And that’s why it really only works with hormone use.

The HCG Diet Breakfast

Tea or coffee you can have as you like. However, it is important that you take these drinks unsweetened, i. e. without sugar! And no more than one tablespoon of milk in 24 hours.

The HCGDiät Lunch

There are several variants in this respect:

  • 100 grams of veal or beef, chicken breast or fresh white fish, prawns, lobster, crabs.
  • All visible fat should be carefully removed from the cooking process.
  • The meat must be weighed raw before serving.
  • Grill or boil without extra oil, butter or other fat.
  • Greasier foods such as salmon, herring, eel, tuna or dried or pickled fish are not allowed.
  • Vegetables, preferably of the following varieties: spinach, chard, green salad, chicory, tomatoes, celery,
  • radishes, fennel, onions, cucumbers, cabbage or asparagus.
  • A breadstick like grissini or a Melba toast.
  • Grissini can usually be found in most major supermarkets.
  • An apple, half a grapefruit, an orange or a handful of strawberries.

The HCG Diet Dinner

Drop out like lunch! So you can give your creativity free rein…
Which HCG Dietary Notes Should You Consider Still?

  • Fats, oils and sugar are not allowed.
  • If you want to be on the safe side, stick to the foodstuffs listed above. This should help you to achieve your dream weight within three to six weeks.
  • Meals can also be split. For example, you can eat 1 apple in the morning, 1 grissini in the morning, meat for lunch and vegetables in the evening.
  • No ingredients from lunch and dinner may be stored and then eaten together or twice in a meal.
  • In addition, you may not transfer the components of a day to the next day.
  • Spices are expressly permitted.
  • However, ready-made sauces are not, as they usually contain oils and sugar.
  • Creams and cosmetics are not allowed!
  • Also watch out for sunburn, increased exertion and colds – these can quickly lead to (temporary) weight gain.

HCG Diet – where to buy?

Meanwhile this diet is offered in numerous medical practices and clinics. Online you can find a lot of offers by searching online.

You can also order hormone injections, drops or sprays on the Internet. This is less recommendable, however – we will discuss it in more detail below. The best way to find out in advance where the best quality offer is – the price alone should not be decisive!

Who has experience with the HCG diet?

Online there are meanwhile a whole series of reports from users who have already tried this diet. Not everyone is enthusiastic – quite the opposite. Because very few people find it easy to abstain from eating so much food for weeks.

The high costs of up to thousands of euros are also criticised. It is true that a weight loss can actually be recorded – as long as you can endure it. However, it is very tedious – not to mention the health side effects!

For this reason, the German Society of Endocrinology and the German Obesity Society strongly advise against the HCG method.

On the one hand, it has not been scientifically proven that this diet actually works.
On the other hand, the body can suffer irreparable damage due to the very small amount of food.
Furthermore, there is the threat of a deficiency supply with all important nutrients and minerals as well as vitamins.

In addition, dangerous kidney stones can form and cardiac arrhythmias can occur.

Other side effects can also be: regular disturbances, but also thrombosis. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is also strongly warning against this diet. For this reason, it has no approval for weight loss.

However, this means that many people interested in purchasing the hormone online. With dangerous consequences, there is always the risk that these drugs are counterfeit. And that they contain toxic or harmful substances! Therefore, ALWAYS make sure that you are dealing with a reputable provider.

How to continue after HCG diet?

After the HCG diet, unfortunately, the infamous jojo effect is very common. No wonder after this drastic diet! As a rule, you return to your old eating habits after you have finished eating. The result: a rapid weight gain!

So if you want to lose weight in the long term and want to keep this weight, then you should focus on a holistic change in your diet. And to get you moving! Because the secret of losing weight is based on the basic laws of physics:”Consuming more energy than absorbing it” – that’s the secret recipe! And there is no miracle cure for diet and weight loss. And that’s not going to change!

HCG diet yes or no?

We would rather advise against this method at this point. Not only because it costs a lot of money. But also because it is a very drastic form of slimming cure that demands a lot from yourself. That relies on a very low calorie intake to lose weight. And this over a longer period of time!

However, this can have dangerous consequences for your body. For example, disturbances in the rule, but also severe deficiency supply with all important nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

Furthermore, there is no learning effect. And there is a great danger that you will soon be confronted with the unpopular yo-yo effect after the end of the diet and the return to your previous eating habits!

Therefore, it helps only one thing to lose weight successfully in the long term: to change your diet. To really get to grips with a healthy and balanced diet. And bet on a lot of movement! Because these are the two pillars without which no diet can function – that is the whole secret behind losing weight.

HCG Diet
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