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Low Carb diet
Low Carb diet

Low Carb Diet

The low carb diet is becoming increasingly popular. No wonder, as it is a guarantor for a quick take-off.

Another reason for her popularity is that she is allowed to eat a large number of foods that are not on the menu in any other diet. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of this diet form? And what else should you pay attention to?

How does the Low Carb Diet work?

Carbohydrates supply the body with energy. At the same time, they cause blood sugar levels to rise rapidly. This in turn leads to an increased insulin release. And this hormone is mainly responsible for storing fat in the cells.

So if you eat too much carbohydrates, you will quickly notice unattractive little fat pads. And simple carbohydrates cause a particularly rapid increase in blood sugar levels – which then falls off again shortly afterwards. Then we feel hungry, feel tired – and the next ravenous hunger attack immediately follows.

Why is a low carb diet sensible?

Because too many carbohydrates can quickly lead to obesity. If one had been of the opinion for a long time that one had to renounce fat, experts have long since found out that too many carbohydrates are at least as often responsible for the hip gold.

There is a good reason for this: if you consume too many of these nutrients, you increase the release of insulin in the body – and this leads to fat being stored in the cells. By reducing the intake of carbohydrates considerably, the body is changing over to burning fat – and losing weight.

This is because the body now has to do without an energy supplier – the carbohydrates – as far as possible. And since fat is much easier to process than proteins, fat reserves are now being attacked. For this reason, many people decide to include carbohydrate-free foods in their diet.

So why a low carb diet and not a no carb diet?

What can be done about it? At least for a while as good as possible to do without carbohydrates! However, a number of things should be taken into account. On the one hand, this diet naturally lacks important nutrients. It is therefore all the more important to compensate for this loss with other energy sources such as proteins and fats. Otherwise, physical health and performance will quickly suffer.

In addition, carbohydrates should not be avoided altogether – this would not be possible at all, as almost every food contains a certain amount of carbohydrates. However, it is crucial to reduce the proportion of emissions – for example, to about 5% per day.

How to eat during the low carb diet?

The good news: You don’t have to be a proven nutritionist to start this diet. Because it is easy to find out which foods are allowed and which are not.

Foodstuffs with potatoes, white bread, noodles or rice as well as various kinds of fruit and vegetables contain a lot of carbohydrates. These products should therefore be avoided without carbohydrates – meat, fish and numerous vegetables are much better suited for eating without carbohydrates.

Incidentally, bread is also not entirely dependent on bread: wholemeal products such as pumpernickel contain valuable nutrients and are low in carbohydrates.


For example, almost all types of vegetables are allowed. This is especially true of green vegetables such as spinach, salad, courgettes and green beans. All these varieties contain very little carbohydrates – unlike potatoes, red and white beans, corn and peas.


All meat lovers can be happy: their favourite food is allowed in rough quantities. If you want to lose weight particularly quickly, choose lean meat such as turkey or chicken. In principle, however, any variety is permitted, since it does not naturally contain any carbohydrates.


The same applies to fish – apart from the fillet of saithe breaded in breadcrumbs or the fish stick, all of these sea creatures are allowed.


On the other hand, you have to be careful with fruit, because not every variety is suitable for quick weight loss. Perfect are for example watermelons, sour cherries, plums, peaches, apples, mango (mango diet) and apricots. It is better to keep your fingers off bananas, dried fruit and all the pickles – especially in canned foods there is a lot of sugar in them.


As already mentioned above, it is better to keep your fingers off cakes, pies and pastries. Because they all have a lot of sugar and starch (in the form of flour) – and this is exactly what is not allowed in the No Carbohydrate Diet. The same applies to pasta and bread – especially those varieties made from white flour.

The small hunger can attack you again and again in between times. Instead of the chocolate bar, however, it is better to choose fruit and raw food, but nuts or a little bit of trail mix are also a good option. If you have the opportunity, you can also prepare a small vegetable soup – this also works wonders against hunger!

Here, too, the rule is: stay away from everything sweet! This naturally includes soft drinks, cola and soft drinks. Sweetened tea is also less popular, the same goes for fruit juices. It is better to drink water or unsweetened herbal tea – and occasionally a light drink.

All low carb foods in detail!

Low carb is more popular than ever. But what is there at all? And don’t the body lack important nutrients in a No Carb diet? These and many other answers can be found here!

But which foods now have few carbohydrates? To give you a better overview, here are some of the foods listed:


This is an (incomplete) selection of foods that contain very little carbohydrates. Some people may be surprised that cheese and nuts are explicitly allowed in the Low Carb Diet – but due to the low carbohydrate content, these can be incorporated into the diet with a clear conscience.
Is there No Carb food at all?
Low Carb Diet
Low Carb Diet

This is a legitimate question. There are a few foods that are completely free of carbohydrates – but the choice in this area is quite small.

If you only feed on these, you will soon experience physical deficiency symptoms. The only foodstuffs to which this criterion applies are vegetable oils and water.

This is why we have started to include foods with a low carbohydrate content, such as vegetables and fruit, milk, yoghurt and meat, as well as fish and eggs in the menu. For this reason, foods containing less than 10 g of carbohydrates per 100 g are considered to be carbohydrate-free.
What are low carb foods good for?

Carbohydrates are available in several forms: as sugar, oligosaccharides, fibre and starch. With normal weight, it is recommended that about 55% of all calories should come from carbohydrates. Sugar and starch provide quickly available fuel for good physical and mental performance. In addition, the dietary fibres (which are also carbohydrates) help to maintain intestinal function.

However, one has to distinguish between “good” and “bad” carbohydrates. The former are mainly found in wholemeal products and have a longer molecular chain. This means that the body cannot process them so quickly, it needs more energy for digestion. The effect: you stay full for much longer.

Low Carb diet - you need to distinguish between good and bad carbs
Low Carb diet – you need to distinguish between good and bad carbs

Carbohydrates with simple molecular chains, on the other hand, are digested by the body very quickly. This is the case with white bread, potatoes, pasta and all kinds of sweets. The consequence: after a short time we are hungry again – for carbohydrates, of course.
Low Carb Diet
Is low carb healthy?
More Answers About Low Carb Diet

Many people wonder whether they have to give up their beloved sweets altogether. This is not the case, of course: because there are quite a few sweet fruits that have little carbohydrates. And sweeteners can also be used for sweetening!

Spices are also expressly permitted in the Low Carb diet – one should even include their dishes with curry, pepper, ginger, turmeric, salt, basil and co. season! Apart from sugar, everything is allowed in this area – but it’s better to keep away from finished spice mixtures. Because there are often one or two kinds of sugar hidden in these.

Care should also be taken when preparing ready-made soup. This is because it often contains glucose variants or potato starch. So carbohydrates – and you don’t want to use them.

A visit to the restaurant is a challenge. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t go to the fast food restaurant any more – but what about a classic restaurant? Here you are on the safe side when you order a salad or a meat or fish dish. In addition, you should not be shy to state any special wishes – such as no sauce and vegetables as a side dish instead of potatoes.

Many people are surprised that oil and butter can also be used in the diet without carbohydrates. However, of course, the same applies here as well: Keep moderation. If you use a lot of butter when frying or cooking, you don’t have to be surprised if it takes a lot longer to lose weight (if you do so at all).
Low Carb Diet
Tasty alternative – low carb pasta
The Low Carb Diet and Pasta

Who loves noodles, will despair at the Low Carb Dit only once. Because pasta and co. have been ruthlessly struck off the menu. But in the meantime, there is a rescue: in the form of konjak and zucchinin noodles and slim pasta.

The difficultly achieved dietary success does not have to be put at risk. We present all these noodles without carbohydrates here:
konja noodles

These noodles are made from a special flour, which in turn comes from the Konjak root. Alternatively, the Konjaknudeln are also known as Shirataki noodles, which means “White Waterfall Noodles”. This fits quite well: because the pasta has a white and flowing appearance. They are similar to the more popular glass noodles, but they have very little carbohydrate.

The preparation is very simple: rinse quickly under running water and then add to boiling water. But beware: the cooking time is only 2 to 5 minutes, which is quite short!

Incidentally, these noodles taste best when cooked in a broth or in a sauce. Because the respective flavours are quickly absorbed by the Konjaknoodles. The best conditions for a tasty meal without any guilty conscience!
courgette pasta

Strictly speaking, the variant is not noodles. These are made from courgettes – by first peeling them and then removing the pulp in long strips. This process is repeated until you reach the soft centre.

The long strips can now be enjoyed hot or cold as a pasta substitute. But beware: In case of warm dishes, the courgettes should only be sprinkled with hot water. They are particularly tasty with a minced meat or vegetable sauce.
Slim Pasta

No carb trailers watch out: Slim Pasta promises nothing less than a pasta revolution without carbohydrates. Without sugar, gluten and fat they are available as Fettucine, Spaghetti or Penne. Consisting of 97 percent water, this wine can be enjoyed without any guilty conscience. Especially since they only have 8 calories per 100 g – you can easily eat a larger portion of them.

The fish-like smell of the pasta is only necessary to get used to. However, this can be easily removed by thorough washing. The taste of Slim Pasta is similar to classic pasta – even if the consistency is rather slimy. It is better to prepare it with a sauce.

And another tip: don’t forget to drink while eating. Thus the pasta swells even more, a small amount is enough to make you feel very full. It’s worth trying!
What is the benefit of a low carb diet?

This naturally depends on the physical conditions, metabolism and physical activity. However, those who strictly adhere to the above-mentioned rules can lose weight quickly – up to eight kilos per month are possible.

It shouldn’t necessarily be faster. This could lead to dangerous physical damage – and that would go too far.

If you want to achieve better results, you can also reduce fat consumption even further. This means more steaming and grilling instead of roasting and frying. Light products such as low-fat curd cheese or yoghurt and lean meat also contribute to the fact that you can finally achieve your dream figure.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Low Carb Diet?
Advantages of the Low Carb Diet

On the one hand, you can safely leave strenuous athletic units aside. So if you are by nature a little bit more of a sport muffle, the Low Carb Diet is wonderfully suitable for you.

In addition, you don’t have to bother yourself with the low carb diet or go to bed with a growling stomach. This is because larger portions and some kind of seconds are expressly allowed – but only for certain products, of course.
The disadvantages of this low carb diet

Foodstuffs containing flour must first of all be avoided. This, of course, restricts the choice because pasta, pizza, bread and countless sweets fall into this category.

Especially the latter will miss the sweet tooth tooths among us at the beginning. Of course, this requires a high level of stamina!
Low Carb Diet
Low Carb weekly plan as a diet plan
A Low Carb Diet Plan

The Low Carb Diet promises to lose weight quickly – by foregoing carbohydrates as far as possible. The high success rate speaks for itself – especially since you can eat the desired food from a large selection of food.

The best way to achieve this is to follow a diet plan that does not contain any carbohydrates. This provides security and orientation, which is particularly valuable at the beginning. And then the way to the dream figure is not far away…
Building a successful diet plan

Basically, you can make up the diet plan with the Low Carb Diet well yourself. You can choose between many different foods, which can be varied together.

It is ideal if the diet plan has three main meals and at least one snack. The latter is especially good if the small hunger strikes again in between times.

Of course, you should omit all those products that contain a lot of carbohydrates. This means: hands off pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, sugar and pastries! Some fruit and vegetables are unfortunately also rich in carbohydrates – which is best found online using a nutrient table.

Carbohydrates are rich in all foods that contain more than 10 g per 100 g. This content can be quickly detected on the packaging of the respective product.
Why is a low carb diet plan so useful?

Especially at the beginning of a new diet, there is often uncertainty about which foods and meals are still allowed. Therefore, it is very useful to have a diet plan that makes the new diet much easier.

This is also very useful for shopping and everyday life and saves a lot of time. If you sit down at your leisure at the end of the week and think about exactly what you want to eat for the next few days, you can adjust to it and keep to the diet well even in stressful times. Because often the best intentions in things diet fail because the nourishing plan cannot be reconciled with the everyday life.

Another advantage of the personalised diet plan is that you can include all your favourite foods. This way you are guaranteed not to get bored and you stay on the ball even after the initial euphoria. Over time, you also get a certain amount of routine, so that the drawing up of the plan is much quicker. The best prerequisites for finally putting the diet plans, which have been around for so long, into practice!

Low Carb diet - a personalized plan keeps you on focus for your goals
Low Carb diet – a personalized plan keeps you on focus for your goals

Tips on how to behave in invitations and in the restaurant

When inviting guests or visiting a restaurant, it is of course more difficult to eat suitable meals without carbohydrates. In the restaurant, ask to replace potatoes and pasta with vegetables or salad. The bread offered should also be avoided.

The same goes for invitations: ask the host politely (before) if you could get some more vegetables and refrain from carbohydrate foods that could harm your diet.
How many kilos of weight loss are realistic?

How many kilos you lose in the end depends on various factors. On the one hand, each metabolism functions naturally differently. On the other hand, physical activity is also important, as well as whether you will remain active after a longer period of time.

Those who return less euphorically to their old eating habits after the first kilos need not be surprised when the dreaded JoJo effect begins. Only with a long-term change of diet a real success is possible!

However, the first kilos can be lost quite quickly in a low-carbohydrate diet: up to six kilos are possible in the first two weeks. This effect is particularly strong if the diet was rich in carbohydrates.

Later on, the weekly weight loss will level off to about one kilogram less. This is fully compliant with the standard and does not harm health.
The perfect low carb breakfast

The low carb diet is becoming increasingly popular. No wonder, this diet form promises a high success rate and cannot be converted also not particularly heavily. Especially since there are numerous recipe ideas for every meal, which can also be found online.

Another advantage: The low carb diet does not cost much, because simply carbohydrate-rich foods are omitted. At breakfast, however, this is not so easy as you are usually a sandwich or muesli. So how can you change your diet in the morning and eat low-carb foods?
Why breakfast is so important

Many people now think: Why not just skip breakfast? However, this is counterproductive. On the one hand, this meal provides you with valuable energy for all the efforts and challenges of the day. On the other hand, the metabolism thus gains momentum – and thus contributes to weight loss.

Incidentally, you shouldn’t do without carbohydrates at breakfast either. After all, these nutrients supply the body with important energy. So it is more a matter of reducing the carbohydrate content.

In concrete terms, this means: No white bread, no cereals and no jam. But don’t worry: these can all be replaced by healthy variants.
What does a low carb breakfast look like?

The Low Carb Diet is available in different forms. For example, some people rely on a strict No Carb diet, in which no carbohydrates are actually allowed to be present. However, this is dangerous because unilateral and tiring for the body.

It is better to have a diet low in carbohydrates. Not only meat, fish and water are allowed to be consumed, but also foods with a low carbohydrate content.

These include all those products that contain less than 10 g per 100 g. So you don’t have to cheat, you can still eat a healthy and balanced diet and you also have plenty of variety in your diet. Especially since you will always be satisfied!

So it’s not difficult to prepare a delicious breakfast without or with very little carbohydrates. However, some vegetables and fruit should always be included. This is very important because your body needs to be supplied with all the important nutrients. Another pleasant side effect: vegetables and fruit fill the stomach, so you feel fuller more quickly.

Especially since you can also plunge into hitherto unknown varieties and try them out. However, these should not be sweetened again: Crystal, cane, fruit, dextrose and honey are therefore taboo! Even the sweetener should be left alone. Because all these products provide carbohydrates in their pure form – and stimulate you to eat even more than you actually need or want. Cheese is better than cheese – because it closes the stomach, as we know.

Low Carb Diet Recipes for breakfast
Recipe 1. stirred or fried egg with salad

The good thing about breakfast without carbohydrates: you can prepare several eggs. The content of carbohydrates is only 0.3 g per 100 g of egg! And if you take and weigh a normal egg, the maximum weight is 75 g.

That’s why you can also have four eggs for breakfast – as scrambled eggs, fried eggs or hard-boiled eggs. Salad goes well with this – for example, a tasty lamb’s lettuce with only 0.2 g of carbohydrates per 100 g.
Recipe 2. cheese cubes with eggs and meat

Another great variation are cheese cubes with eggs and meat. Sausage is also perfectly suited in this context – after all, all these foods also have hardly any carbohydrates. Eggs with bacon and some cheese are an excellent idea and contribute to a great start to the day!
Recipe 3rd salmon carpaccio

Why not something special? The preparation is extremely simple. Just buy a pack of salmon and place it on the plate. Afterwards you can garnish the slices with dill, lemon juice, Oivenoil and/or salt and pepper. Horseradish is also a perfect accompaniment. Especially as this breakfast is still extremely healthy and full of valuable omega-3 acids!
Reuept 4. meat with salad

Another great breakfast without any carbohydrates is a piece of meat with salad. Perfect for all those who like it a little more solid. All types of lettuce can be used well. The same applies to meat, as it is “only” made from fat and protein. There are no limits to your imagination – how about a delicious Caesar’s salad or a salad with turkey breast strips?
Recipe 5. protein shake

If you don’t necessarily need something festive for breakfast, you can also prepare a protein shake quickly and easily. If you want to consume a little carbohydrate, mix the protein powder with milk. If you are on a strict No Carb diet, you can mix the protein concentrate with cold or lukewarm water.
Recipe 6. natural yoghurt with fruits

A natural yoghurt with fruits is also very tasty. But beware: not every kind of fruit is suitable for this! It is better to keep your fingers off bananas or canned fruits. Better suited are berries, oranges, watermelon and grapefruit. A great idea is also the addition of nuts such as almonds, walnuts or peanuts.
Popular Low Carb Recipes and Dishes

Dishes without carbohydrates are a very important part of the so-called low carb diet. However, implementation is usually not quite as easy – after all, carbohydrates are included in almost every foodstuff!

So you can’t do without carbohydrates completely, even with a low carb diet. Nevertheless, there are some dishes that have a very low content of these nutrients – and they taste very good.
Go shopping – tips for low carb recipes!

But what exactly can we keep to when it comes to shopping and creating menus? It is important to choose the right products. Here are a few tips:

All sweet foods have a higher proportion of carbohydrates. Attention: This also includes vegetables such as carrots or tomatoes!
It is better to use fruit and vegetables with a high water content, such as cucumbers or watermelons.
Even products with a lot of starch should only be consumed in moderation. In addition to red beans and bananas, these include peas.
This also applies to ready-to-serve meals, which can be prepared quickly but still contain a lot of carbohydrates.

Do you have to do without a lot of things?

However, you should not miss your favourite food in the diet. If you like to eat a juicy steak, you can prepare pork with delicious vegetables. The advantage for meals without carbohydrates: Every kind of fish and meat is allowed in principle.

It is also worthwhile to try out one or the other variant, which you have not yet tried before. Even with spices, cooking can be very varied and tasty – dishes without carbohydrates will certainly provide one or the other culinary delight!

In addition, good olive oil or margarine should also be used in cooking – butter is less suitable. If you don’t want to do this, we recommend the various ways of cooking meals without carbohydrates. This is especially useful if you have a lot of vegetables in your diet. Many of these varieties have a very intense taste – too much oil or butter would only be detrimental to it.

By grilling and roasting, the taste can also be changed as desired. And not only for the cold days, soups are recommended, which offer a wealth of possibilities to prepare and serve vegetables in the most delicious way. A vegetable soup can also be eaten quickly in between meals if you feel a little hungry – even a small portion is proven to satisfy your appetite and to prevent dangerous cravings. And some of you may prefer a real chicken broth, which can also taste very spicy and delicious.

Low Carb Diet
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