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Ornish diet
Ornish diet

Ornish Diet

A healthy and slender body is what many people want, and usually health always seems to be associated with slimming. After all, overweight people are not only dissatisfied with their appearance alone, but also have to contend with different health problems. The heart has to struggle with the heavy load. With the help of the so-called Ornish Diet it is to be however possible for overweight humans to use a in the long term healthy nourishing program, which provides in parallel for the fact that the Abnehmwillige constantly its body weight can lower, in order to obtain in this way a tolerated weight.

Dean Ornish, born in Texas in 1953, developed this diet concept. Ornish studied at Harvard Medical School and researched various heart diseases during his studies. His main focus has always been on the effects of low-fat diets.

The young researcher wanted to help people who had to struggle with heart disease without having to undergo surgery. In his opinion, most people suffer from such diseases because they eat wrong food. In addition, the expert also worked with his participants to finally become non-smokers by doing yoga exercises and meditations with them. In several scientific studies it became evident that his method of treatment was crowned with success.

How does the Ornish diet work?

The expert Dean Ornish divides all foods into five different categories. In this way, people who are willing to lose weight should be able to see immediately whether they have bad or good food before them. Vegetables in fat-free form are preferentially treated in the Ornish diet.

Group 1: The very healthy foods

According to Ornish and his diet, very healthy foods always include all herbal products that contain very little fat but large amounts of fibre. Accordingly, this group includes vegetables, fruit, soybeans and wholemeal products such as pulses. Particularly since water can also be included in this group.

Group 2: Healthy foods

Healthy foods, on the other hand, can be classified as healthy foods that have a much higher fat content. Here you will find, for example, avocados, olives, vegetable oils and nuts.

Ornish diet - healthy foods like oil and nuts
Ornish diet – healthy foods like oil and nuts

Group 3: The mediocre foods

The list of mediocre foods, on the other hand, includes products such as honey, sugar, seafood, fish, wheat flour products and similar products. The fish expert says that fish can be eaten because of its omega-3 fatty acids, but it would be more advisable to use fish oil capsules. Ornish changed this opinion after a short time and completely abandoned animal products. Since then, he advises to cover the omega-3 budget with vegetable sources.

Group 4: Unhealthy foodstuffs

If you want to use the Ornish Diet to lose weight, you don’t need meat in your diet. For this reason, all lean meats such as chicken, turkey and co. Unhealthy food also includes biscuits, such as remoulade and all other products that bring a lot of fat. It is therefore important to avoid these foods.

Group 5: Bad foodstuffs

The food that is found in this group should never be eaten. Bad foods include, for example, butter, red meat, eggs, various oils and all foods fried in fat. All foods containing many saturated fatty acids should be avoided.
What are the benefits of the Ornish diet?

A big advantage of the Ornish Diet is that all suggestions on nutrition are described very concretely here. People who are willing to lose weight immediately recognize which foods they are allowed to eat and which not. The Ornish Diet is also suitable for vegetarians. Especially people with heart problems or high cholesterol should give this diet a chance.

What are the disadvantages of the Ornish diet?

Those who adhere strictly to the nutritional guidelines here can assume that they have to take dietary supplements in order to avoid a nutrient deficiency. Especially as it is extremely difficult for many users to do without meat altogether. Moreover, since a large part of the dairy products also disappears from the diet, this leads to protein deficiency, so that the muscle mass can decrease rapidly.

In addition, the Ornish Diet ensures that the body is no longer supplied with essential fatty acids in sufficient quantities. It is questionable whether chickens and seafood are really so unhealthy, while sugar and wheat flour products are good food.

Ornish Diet
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