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raw foods diet
raw foods diet

Raw Foods Diet

As the name suggests, the raw foods diet is based on uncooked fruits and vegetables. The diet is used to dehydrate the body and provide it with sufficient fibre and vitamins. It is important to drink a lot during the diet.

Mineral water is best suited for this purpose. About 2 to 3 liters a day, it should be. The dietary fibres that the body absorbs through the raw food only fill the stomach when they can swell. This also prevents blockage.

Not all vegetables are suitable for the raw foods diet, some of them are even poisonous when uncooked. These include rhubarb, green beans, aubergines and potatoes. For the small appetite in between, nuts and dried fruits can be nibbled. They supply the body with energy and supply it with vegetable fats.

When buying raw food for the diet, the freshness of the products must be taken into account. It is recommended that only organic products are used. Seasonal vegetables and fruits are particularly suitable for a raw foods diet.

What is the advantage of raw food nutrition in a diet?

A raw food diet has many advantages. As fruits and vegetables are eaten uncooked, the vitamins are also preserved. The annoying counting of the calories is no longer necessary with this diet, just like the tedious and time-consuming cooking. The raw foods diet is also practical when you are at work during the day. Other diets require precooking. With the raw foods diet, the fruit and vegetables are simply taken away in a container.

With the raw foods diet – how much weight loss is possible?

With the raw foods diet, the body is first dehydrated. Many fruit and vegetables have a diuretic effect. It is recommended to follow the diet for one week to avoid deficiency symptoms. Within this week, a weight reduction of 5 kg is possible. If you plan to lose even more weight, you should switch on a raw food day once a week after a change of diet.

You’re slowly losing weight. Those who now believe that they have to do without ice are mistaken. Nothing is quicker and easier than to prepare a delicious and healthy ice cream. The fruit must be frozen. They are finely mashed with a hand blender, and in just a few moments you have conjured up a healthy ice cream.

The 3 best raw foods diet recipes

Vegetable Carpaccio

For this recipe you need vegetables, lemon, salt, pepper and olive oil. The vegetables are sliced into wafer-thin slices and arranged on the plate. A dressing of lemon juice and oil is added. The marinade is seasoned with salt and pepper.

Cherry cocktail with apples and celery

Delicious, healthy and beautiful looking, that’s what the cherry cocktail with apples and celery is like. The apples are cut into small pieces and put into a juicer together with part of the celery. Then the frozen cherries are added. The mixture is then pureed with a hand blender and filled into glasses. Garnish with the celery green.

Mixed salad

One of the most varied recipes in the raw food diet is the mixed salad. Everything that tastes good is put in the bowl. The salad can be refined with sunflower seeds or chopped nuts. That way, the meal gets the certain crunch. The marinade consists of a little bit of oil, vinegar or lemon juice, salt, pepper and herbs as you like.

raw foods diet - let's start with a mixed salad
raw foods diet – let’s start with a mixed salad

The typical raw food diet plan looks like this:


The morning of the first day of the raw food diet begins with a glass of water. This will not make you thirsty. Fruit is eaten in the morning. The season’s best. Vegetables are eaten at lunchtime. To make it more varied, 3 different worries are chosen. Dried fruits are excellent as a sweet dessert.


In the morning we have fruit salad for breakfast. It is marinated with agave syrup and lemon juice. A vegetable salad is recommended for lunch. The dressing consists of lemon juice and very little oil. The evening is all about smoothies. Here you can experiment to your heart’s content, everything is allowed.


On this day, the change in diet is noticeable. Sport should be on the agenda. The morning begins with a smoothie of fruit as you like. At lunchtime there are olives and a vegetable soup made from raw ingredients. A soup made of pureed tomatoes, seasoned with a little bit of pepper, salt and basil, goes perfectly with the olives.

Dessert is allowed to consist of dried fruit again today. The dinner is interesting, there is a salad of tomatoes and mozzarella. Instead of cheese, finely chopped aubergines are used. Olive oil and basil round off the flavour.


With exotic fruits, a good start to the day is guaranteed. Mango, papaya or pineapple is fine. We have salad for lunch. This can consist of rocket, spinach or leaves of the beetroot. If there is a little left over from the ingredients for the salad, the leftovers are processed into a green smoothie in the evening.


Day 5 is the day of free choice. You choose whether you want to start the morning with fruit or vegetables. In the meantime, a routine and a feeling for delicious recipes is likely to have developed.

and day 7

With a puree of bananas and almonds, days 6 and 7 are started. Lunch is cancelled, but the dinner becomes even more enjoyable. Spits are on the menu. Everything that tastes good can be served. A guacamole of avocado and sunflowers is included.

Raw Foods Diet – Experience

The raw food diet is very healthy and varied at first, because you can eat all kinds of fruits and vegetables. It is only important to make sure that you do not get any deficiency symptoms. The body mainly lacks the protein it needs to build muscle during this time.

If the diet lasts longer than a week, the body can lose muscle. When choosing raw food, care must be taken to ensure that there is a sufficient supply of the trace elements calcium, iodine and zinc. The body needs 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day is contained in kiwi, it is about 30 mg per 100 grams. Even more, 53 mg contain black currants.

Dates are true calcium donors, in 100 grams 66 mg of the important trace element. The body needs zinc in sufficient quantity for the metabolism to function properly. Since cheese is not allowed in the raw food, peanuts or Brazil nuts can be used. Iodine is given to the body through iodised salt. Therefore, the vegetables may be salted with pleasure.

Raw Foods Diet
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