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rice diet
rice diet

Rice Diet

You want to go for a rice diet? Are you looking for tips and hints that have been tried and tested? We can give you exactly these here and deliver them! In a diet, carbohydrates are of course largely removed from the diet – and bread, pasta and rice are at the top of the list.

But what if you are a declared rice fan? Is there really still the possibility to include it in the diet plan? Or even a rice diet?

How does a rice diet work and how does it work?

There are different versions of the rice diet. On the one hand, there are those that are based on mixed foods and so-called crash rice diets. There are also rice diets in the low-carb range.

Mixed Rice Rice Diets

This variant uses rice and combines it with dairy products, salad, fruit and vegetables. Only meat is removed from the menu. With this diet variant, the diet is relatively one-sided. This is why it often happens that a short-term high water loss occurs and the weight loss is misinterpreted. However, the joj effect is then created.

Crash Rice Diet

The Crash Rice Diet is a mono diet. The rice is eaten pure or combined with fruits and applesauce. Only rice may be eaten. However, this diet is very one-sided, can cause long-term health damage and the probability of a joj effect is extremely high.

What can the rice diet offer?

The rice diet promises that you will lose a lot of kilograms in little time. This will be very good for now. But does it work? Rice is an extremely natural product.

Similarly, it is said that there is no hunger effect. It should be possible to mine up to six pounds in three days. So it’s quite a quick diet.

One thing that immediately catches our eye: the diet is extremely one-sided. And that is where we have the disadvantage. This diet is only suitable as a lightning diet. Otherwise, an unhealthy diet would immediately develop. In addition, the probability of a retroactive yo-yo effect is extremely high.
Who benefits from the rice diet?

This diet is actually only worthwhile for people who want to lose weight within a very short time. For example, to fit into your own bikini. Afterwards, the probability of a jojo effect is very high. It increases the longer this diet is followed.

But nevertheless, there is nothing to oppose to test this diet, to try for a few days and at the same time to adjust the diet a little bit to carbohydrates. This is because it avoids the yo-yo effect. In addition, foods containing protein should also be mixed in. Just when the rice diet is to be carried out in the long run!
Diet with rice: how much rice is allowed?

As a general rule, one cup of raw rice is equivalent to three cups of boiled rice.

  • If the rice is served as a side dish, 50 to 70 g of raw rice per person should be calculated.
  • The main dish is 80 to 100 g.

Bring the rice to the boil with one and a half to twice the amount of unsalted water and let it soak at low heat. This takes about 40 minutes for natural rice, about 20 minutes for white and parboiled rice. The water should evaporate and the rice should still be bite resistant. This cooking method is the best way to preserve the nutrients.
Rice without carbohydrates

The diet variant is much more sensible, in which rice with little carbohydrates is used for all main meals for a certain period of time. This means less insulin is produced and fat is stored. Only fruit, vegetables or vegetable stock are allowed as additives. Basically mixed food. Almost as good as the mixed diet version.

some little touch ups for your rice diet
some little touch ups for your rice diet

Does rice have a lot of carbohydrates?

Unfortunately, yes. This applies to all varieties – whether full, long or round grain rice. Rice is thus one of the foods with the highest carbohydrate content.

Here is an indication of how many carbohydrates are in 100 g of rice:

  • boiled rice: 21 g to 27 g
  • uncooked rice: 70 g to 80 g

Some people may be surprised, because rice is not a dough product. But like many other foods of vegetable origin, rice contains a lot of starch. This is in turn converted into sugar in the body, just as flour does.
Is there rice without carbohydrates?

In classic form, no. Nevertheless, there is now a product called Slim Pasta, which is also available as a rice form. It contains no carbohydrates, since 97 percent of it is obtained from water and 2.7 percent from the roots of the konjac plant. In addition, only 8 calories per 100 g are recorded – ideal for all dieters. Preparing the rice is very simple: the rice only needs two to three minutes to be cooked.

Cook dishes with rice?

Even if you are on a diet, you can still prepare a variety of rice dishes. The trick here is to replace rice with foods that have a similar consistency and the same bite as rice.
Rice Diet – what can I eat?

Quinoa, for example, is a food also known as Inca rice. The carbohydrate content is 21 g, is characterised by its discreet taste and can easily be replaced by rice.

This also applies to finely grated cauliflower, a food with only 4 g of carbohydrates per 100 g! This is also characterized by a light and pleasant taste. However, it cannot be used in recipes where rice should absorb liquid.

You can also choose from apple puree, other popular fruit, skimmed milk yoghurt, vegetable broth or chicken meat. Fish is also allowed. The only important thing is a balanced diet. This means that you still take care to consume a few carbohydrates from time to time.

Optimal are 100 g per day. You should not fall below this value. In order to ensure that the musculature is not degraded, protein-containing products are also recommended. Some have already been mentioned. Fish and chicken are perfectly suitable. Also certain types of cheese with a low fat content.
Do not completely remove grease

Admittedly, fat is largely removed from the dietary diet. Nevertheless, it is not a big deal if you sin from time to time and indulge yourself a little. But only on one day a week and in moderation. Of course, you shouldn’t exaggerate. Therefore, it is better to reduce the quantity and not to focus on the meal.
Shopping tips for dishes with rice

When it comes to speed, every minute counts. Therefore, it is worth considering beforehand: Which rice variety do I need? After all, this should also go with the court! If you pay attention to quality, you buy top-quality rice with as little breakage as possible. And if you don’t want to measure, use cooked bag rice, which is already pre-portioned.

Why rice makes sense in a diet

If the rice (see above) is selected with a small amount of carbohydrates, then it is a very tasty supplement which also provides many important nutrients.

In addition, the naturally high proportion of carbohydrates is beneficial for a balanced nutritional programme. This is because the yo-yo effect can be avoided from the very beginning. But here too, the same applies: 100 g of carbohydrates a day should be enough.

Conclusion on the rice diet

With this diet you will have the advantage that the joj effect will not occur. In addition, nutrients are added which completely rule out mono-ty. Of course, you should not use these recipes exclusively. If you follow a 14-day rice diet and use these recipes, nothing should happen.

Rice Diet
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