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Stimulate metabolism

You want to know what stimulates and boosts the metabolism? Do you need tips, hints and helpful instructions? Then you will find 100 % of what you are looking for on our portal. We will explain to you exactly what can stimulate metabolism and what should be considered.

Foods that stimulate the metabolism

There are a variety of foods that can be taken. These make sure that metabolic processes in the body are activated. You can read about them in the following:

The Chili

Even small amounts of water can increase the metabolism. It’s termogenesis. This takes place in the body and can boost the whole process by up to 25%. This increases calorie consumption and activates metabolic processes.


This food is naturally protein-rich and especially suitable for athletes. But the high iodine content is also extremely healthy. At the same time, these are extremely low-fat products. This in turn leads to weight regulation, which stimulate metabolism in equal measure. Iodine in particular plays a decisive role. Iodine ensures that necessary thyroid hormones are formed. These in turn have an influence on the basal metabolic rate.


Calories should be reduced. Buttermilk contains very little calories. But a lot of calcium. Calcium is necessary and is part of the daily requirement. Buttermilk ensures that with just 500 ml, about 75 % of the daily requirement would be covered.


Coffee is also very popular. But be careful here. Coffee can quickly lead to cardiovascular problems. Nevertheless, the metabolism is stimulated. On the one hand, this is due to caffeine. On the other hand, a vitamin called niacin. Up to 100 cal can be burned within one day.


Pineapple has been shown to contain an enzyme that activates metabolic processes in the body. At the same time pineapple is extremely delicious. As sugars and fructose are much less caloric, the consumption of pineapple is desirable in all respects.

stimulate metabolism with some pineapples
stimulate metabolism with some pineapples

The intake of vitamin C

Vitamin C is known to stimulate metabolic processes. However, they are consumed very quickly. Strawberries, cherries, oranges and lemon should therefore be eaten abundantly. It contains a lot of vitamin C. Vitamin C is an important source of energy, which also plays a decisive role for the immune system. In this respect, it makes sense to increase the demand on a daily basis. If only slightly.

Stimulating the metabolism with homeopathy

Homeopathy also offers numerous possibilities here. For example, the Schüsslers salts. The following tablets should be taken: number nine, number 23 and number ten. One tablet should be taken no more than six times a day. Of course, orthodox medicine is somewhat sceptical about this. You should try it anyway.

Sport to stimulate metabolism

Sport also plays a decisive role. Jogging is very important. We recommend the following: before the day starts 30 minutes endurance run.

In this way, the metabolism is significantly increased for the entire day. In addition, you can do sports such as cycling, hiking, walking or swimming. Strength training is also possible, although you should work on a healthy basis.

Why should the metabolism be stimulated?

If the metabolism works, every single cell in the body is supplied with important nutrients. Toxins of all kinds are also transported from the body. At the same time, excess fat reserves are reduced much faster.

After all, the metabolic process is the hormonal exchange of the organs with each other. In this way, the organs are supplied with the most important nutrients.

How does the metabolism work?

As soon as something is eaten, all the nutrients in this food are sorted. On the one hand, useful and on the other, useless. Everything that is useful is now transported to the most important cells and body parts. Anything that’s useless, it’ll be eliminated.

This process is ultimately referred to as metabolic processes or metabolism. As a result, the body gains energy, is supplied with heat and the body functions are maintained.

What happens if the metabolism is too slow or too fast?

If the metabolism is extremely fast, then no fat reserves are built up. If the metabolism is too slow, this usually leads to overweight.

What stimulates the metabolism very quickly?

There are of course different methods. Foodstuffs have already been mentioned. Here are some additional hints and tips which are necessary for a fast metabolism.


This is an amino acid, which can increase the metabolism extremely. And in a very healthy way. This amino acid is contained in almonds, for example.

Drink plenty of water

Non-carbonated and non-carbonated water is still the healthiest. Here, as much as possible should be drunk within one day. This activates the metabolism.

Soluble dietary fibres

Soluble dietary fibres are also an important part of the diet. These are contained in numerous foods. Linen seeds are highly recommended. Flea seeds are also a good alternative.

coconut oil

Coconut oil is designed to contain a certain amount of fat. These fats still contain important nutrients, but this fat is not stored. On the contrary, it promotes the absorption of magnesium and calcium. The cholesterol level is also reduced.

Conclusion to stimulate metabolism

If you decide to stimulate and activate your metabolic processes, then you should make sure that a lot of sport is implemented. Healthy foodstuffs such as fruit and vegetables are also part of it. If you follow these tips, you can naturally speed up your metabolic processes and integrate a healthy lifestyle into everyday life.

Stimulate metabolism
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