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Tea Diet

Slimming down by drinking tea? You are probably now frowning rather critically, as you have been tea lovers for years and still find some problem areas in your tea garden. Assuming that tea is by no means a magic drink, you are also right, because with a few cups a day the dream figure is unfortunately far from being in sight. So what’s the point of a tea diet?

Nevertheless, it is possible to lose weight with tea, because many a mixture not only promotes health but also the slim line. Each tea variety has different effective effects, so that it can work perfectly well with tea to lose weight. Finally, this hot drink can purify and detoxify and, if used correctly, even eliminate the dreaded yo-yo effect.

Why is tea so good for health?

Each tea contains tannic acids, flavonoids, polyphenols, as well as colorants and flavourings. The so-called polyphenols are particularly valuable because they make tea so healthy. This substance has a cancer-preventing and anti-inflammatory effect.

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At the same time, this chemical compound is capable of activating a special enzyme that dissolves triglyceride. The so-called triacylglycerols with three fatty acids are compounds that are present in oils such as fats. Polyphenol is therefore able to reduce fat deposits that tend to spread in the arteries.

Tea without sugar is always a low-calorie thirst quencher, which not only supplies the human body with sufficient liquid, but also has a purifying effect. In addition, regular tea consumption leads to a balanced acid-base balance.

Why should tea be included in every diet?

A tea diet in the true sense of the word, i. e. as a nutritional concept, does not exist, but this drink should not be missing in any diet program. After all, this is a low-calorie drink if it is not mixed with sugar. In addition, every type of tea has a feel-good effect and is especially great in the coldest season.

Tea is therefore the best drink to lose weight and can be consumed unsweetened several times a day. In addition, tea can satisfy even the slightest hunger. If you want to lose weight successfully, you should drink a lot anyway. At least 1.5 litres should always be there per day and with the help of different tea types this amount is usually reached faster than with tasteless water.

Tea Diet – tea for purification

Different teas always contain different ingredients and thus have different effects. One tea has a detoxifying effect, while the other herbal blend stimulates fat burning. Each tea has other positive effects, so that you will find tea varieties which are particularly suitable for weight loss.

Green tea for the slim line

Green tea contains special ingredients that lead to the fact that in the intestines, such as the stomach, less starch is added from food intake. We are talking about the so-called catechins. In addition, this tea contains bitter substances that inhibit appetite and thus reduce the cravings for sweets. Since green tea also contains caffeine, this drink has a revitalizing effect, stimulates the circulation and thus increases the energy metabolism of the human body. This leads to an increased consumption of calories.

Mate tea to lose weight

Mate-Tea has similar effects to ginger tea. This means that this drink also contains a lot of vitamins and minerals and supports the immune system. Caffeine is also contained in this tea, so that the enjoyment also brings the metabolism to life. But that’s all there is to it, because also mate-tea inhibits hunger and has an appetite suppressing effect.

Mate-Tea stimulates the production of the happiness hormone in the body and with this effect can fight the resulting lack of motivation during a diet. This tea should not be forgotten with any diet.

Tea diet - Mate tea to loose weight
Tea diet – Mate tea to loose weight

Ginger tea against problem zones

Ginger tea is an all-rounder, because it contains many valuable substances. These substances such as magnesium, sodium, iron, calcium, calcium, as well as vitamins A, B and C are found here. These substances strengthen the immune system, so that ginger tea can provide a good service especially in winter.

The essential oils found here also have a revitalizing effect and stimulate the metabolism. In addition, this tea has a detoxifying effect and boosts digestion. In addition, ginger is extremely effective in cases of nausea.

Rooibos tea for the dream figure

Rooibos tea originates from the south of Africa and also has an appetite-inhibiting effect, so that this tea can be very helpful when losing weight. Thus, the enjoyment inhibits the craving for sweet dishes and is therefore a preventive, natural remedy for diets.

If vanilla is also used here, the appetite-inhibiting effect is further enhanced. Rooibos tea also contains large amounts of minerals and supplies iron at the same time.

White tea against pounds of excess tea

White tea can also be helpful during a weight loss, because this tea also leads to a better working defensive system, which often does not work properly during a tea diet. White tea also boosts fat burning and supports weight loss in a natural way.

Oolong tea for less body weight

Oolong tea is a fat killer because it contains a lot of polyphenol. This aromatic linkage is capable of dissolving fatty deposits that have already formed in the blood vessels, so that this special type of tea should not be forgotten in any diet.

Matcha tea against obesity

Matcha tea is one of the so-called superfoods, because it contains many extremely good ingredients such as secondary plant substances and vitamins. High concentrations of antioxidants and minerals make this tea something very special. Catechins and polyphenols are contained in this tea in quantities.

At the same time, Matcha tea supplies the substance called epigallocatechingallate, which has a preventive effect against cardiovascular diseases. The regular consumption of this tea also leads to an increased basal metabolism and thus boosts the burning of calories. The Matcha tea also contains bitter substances, so that even this ravenous appetite can fight.

Hop tea against pounds of pounds

Although hop tea is not everyone’s taste, it has extremely positive effects that benefit the central nervous system. This tea has a calming effect and helps with sleep problems. In combination with valerian, this tea is even more effective.

How do I follow a tea diet?

A tea diet should not be understood as a mono-diet, because this would have fatal consequences. A diet program that only allows tea to be consumed would quickly reduce body weight, but such slimming cures are anything but healthy and, in addition, they quickly cause the yo-yo effect. So it is better to combine teas with a special diet, such as the Low Carb Diet. In this case, the consumption of hot drinks then supports weight loss in a natural way.

Tea Diet
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