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Warrior Diet

Similar to the well-known low carb diet, the origins of the Warrior diet date back to the Stone Age. Users do not need complicated nutritional plans, but rather stick to a simple pattern.

In the first half of the day, therefore, no food is consumed. People who are willing to fast for weight loss, while in the second half of the day, preferably in the evening, may eat.

What is the idea behind the Warrior Diet?

The Warrior diet is actually not a diet at all, because this is a behavioral pattern that our ancestors have been using unconsciously. So it is actually completely unnatural to eat three to six times a day, but today’s modern man has the possibility to eat as much food as he likes at any time.

Many thousands of years ago, however, people were forced to go hunting during the day and therefore only had their first meal in the evening. This is still the case today in many aboriginal regions. Fasting and hunting takes place during the day and only in the evening we eat well.

It is exactly this very natural eating habit that makes the Warrior Diet so useful. A day has 24 hours, of which 20 hours are fasted in this diet program. At the end of the day, on the other hand, you can enjoy a good meal until you are satisfied.

In this way, a small calorie deficit is enough to reduce your own body weight. The Warrior Diet is particularly effective when users also rely on regular strength training. In this case, it is best to train on an empty stomach and then eat afterwards.

Do you have to count calories in the Warrior diet?

Now you are probably wondering if you need to count calories when you are on the Warrior diet to be sure that you are working with a calorie deficit. This is not the case, because although you are always so much in the evening until you are satisfied, this is much less than the user has consumed during the day. Especially as it is possible to further expand this positive effect.

How does the Warrior Diet work exactly?

The principle of the Warrior Diet is simple. Let’s assume that you usually go to bed around 10:00 pm. In this case, you are allowed to eat food between 5 p. m. and 9 p. m. until your feeling of satiety begins to show up. The sooner you are full and thus stop your food intake, the higher your calorie deficit will be.

However, you can further enhance this positive effect by choosing mainly foods that have a low calorie density. With the help of these foods, you will be satisfied more quickly with the help of these foods, and this with a rather low calorie intake.

warrior diet with low carb enhances your results
warrior diet with low carb enhances your results

Example of a dinner after the Warrior diet:


An iceberg lettuce with paprika, onions and similar vegetables of your choice with a delicious salad dressing.

main meal

Afterwards, a tasty meat dish can be served. For example, you can fry 200 to 300 grams of poultry with vegetables and add a tasty sauce. With vegetables you are allowed to grasp them with courage.

Second smaller main course

Following after your meat dish, long-chain carbohydrates may fill your stomach. Rice, potatoes or noodles can now be tasted.

Small dessert

If you are not completely satisfied, you can now treat yourself to a small, sweet dessert. A yoghurt or a piece of chocolate is allowed in the Warrior diet.
What else is there to keep in mind when it comes to the Warrior Diet?

Natural foods in particular are to be consumed with the Warrior Diet. After all, there were no flavour enhancers or similar substances in the Stone Age that enriched the food at that time. The human body is by no means designed to be able to absorb and process artificial substances without difficulty.

A lot of vegetables are also part of the Warrior diet. This, in combination with the proteins from the meat, has a good effect on muscle growth if you rely on regular strength training in connection with this diet program.

Conclusion: Bodybuilders in particular like to rely on the Warrior Diet and many reports of experience speak for themselves, because most users report again and again about excellent improvements of their body shapes.

During the Warrior diet, for example, this results in better muscle tone, a lower body fat percentage and a better muscle build-up. If you want to reduce your body weight quickly and easily, you should definitely try the Warrior Diet.

Warrior Diet
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